Baxter Construction offers wind and storm damage restoration services in the Yakima WA area and beyond.

The weather in Central Washington can be unpredictable. Storms and strong winds may cause a variety of damage to your property. You might lose a few shingles, or face a tree falling through your home. Regardless of the severity, taking immediate action will help prevent further damage.

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 24/7 for fast service and repair.

1. Wind & Storm Damage Mitigation vs Restoration

Wind and storm damage is often multifaceted: you may be dealing with several kinds of damage like fire, smoke, or water. Your needed repairs could vary from minor to severe. This is why it’s important to act quickly and seek mitigation or restoration services.

But what is mitigation and restoration?


... is the process of preventing further damage. For example, if a tree fell onto your home in a storm or high wind, mitigation might look like:

    • Tarping and boarding up exposed areas like the roof or walls


    • Maintaining structural integrity for safety


    • Removing and inventorying your possessions


    • Addressing any standing water from rain or burst pipes


  • Addressing any smoke or fire damage from lightning or electrical malfunction


... is the process of returning your property to its former state. Continuing the tree fall example, restoration might look like:

  • Clearing unsalvageable materials and debris

  • Reconstructing the damaged portions of your home

  • Cleaning and repairing your possessions

  • Removal of the tree

  • Using antimicrobials to prevent mold
  • Check out our pages on water damage and fire damage for more information on what your storm and wind restoration process might include.


    Not all Yakima contractors have mitigation and restoration services.

    At Baxter Construction, we handle both.

    2. Common Causes of Wind & Storm Damage

    rain and wind causing roof damage to home


    From minor roof leaks to flooded basements, rain can cause a variety of damage to structures. You can prevent rain damage by taking proactive measures like:

    • Having your roof regularly maintained
    • Checking your attic regularly for leaks
    • Having your foundation inspected
    • Ensuring you have adequate drainage around your home

    Our process with rain damage usually involves water mitigation, structural repairs, and mold remediation.


    The Yakima Valley is geographically diverse, and you may be living on a hill or mountainside. Be aware that these areas can be at increased risk of mudslides, often due to wildfires or rain loosening the soil. Be sure to have an emergency plan and supplies in place. Keep yourself safe, and we’ll handle the damage if it happens.

    mudslides caused by wind and storm damage
    lightning and storm damage in yakima


    Lightning is an unpredictable force of nature. The damage caused by an electrical storm can be secondhand, like wildfires or tree falls. Lightning can also strike structures directly. Even a nearby strike can cause an unexpected variety of damage like:

    • Structural fire
    • Fried appliances and electronics
    • Compromised electrical wiring and water piping
    • Destabilized brick, concrete, or stonework from shockwaves

    The destruction caused by lightning can be subtle. We’ll first work to assess the extent of the damage, as it may be throughout the whole structure.


    High wind speeds can really cause problems for your home. One of the most troublesome areas is your roof. A wind damaged roof can lead to future water leaks. Other areas affected by high winds include chimneys, windows, and siding. You can prevent wind damage with regular maintenance on your roof and siding, along with pruning your trees, and sheltering equipment like grills and patio chairs. If you need wind damage repairs, we usually begin by assessing and tarping off any exposed areas.

    wind and storm damage can happen to your home and windows in yakima wa
    storm and wind damage causing trees to fall potential home and property damage

    Tree Fall

    When a tree falls onto a structure, the damage can range from minimal to severe depending on the size of the tree and how much of the building was contacted. Fortunately, tree damage is easily preventable. We recommend:

    • Regular pruning and maintenance
    • Keeping your trees healthy
    • Planting new trees a safe distance away from structures

    If a tree does fall onto your home or business, we can also handle tree removal.

    Freezing Weather

    A variety of problems can come with freezing weather conditions. The cold can put you at risk of frozen pipes, leaks, and floods. An ice storm can cause fallen trees and power lines. Blizzards and snowstorms can collapse your roof, if unaddressed. We suggest:

    • Making sure your roof is maintained
    • Pruning outdoor plants regularly
    • Keeping your home insulated at a consistent temperature
    • Having someone periodically check on your home if you’re away

    Our first steps with freezing conditions usually involve turning off utilities, tarping off the affected areas, and water removal.

    cold weather blizzards causing storm damage in Yakima

    3. What Can I Expect When I Call?

    When you find yourself needing wind and storm damage repairs, resolving the situation can seem overwhelming. The project begins when you call us. We’re available 24/7, we’ll reply within 30 minutes, and we’ll be on site in hours. 

    Our restoration process has three phases: Assess, Mitigate, and Restore. 

    assessing damage


    After you contact us, our first step is to promptly assess the cause of the situation and whether it's safe for you to be there. We make sure to factor in the presence of children or pets, as well.

    When we arrive on site, we’re first going to look at the type and extent of the damage. This helps us bring in the right professionals and equipment. We’ll examine potential structural insecurities, hazardous materials, and how to work with your insurance. We’ll factor in how many people are living or working at the location, any children or pets, and damages to the building’s contents. We can even assist you with relocating, if necessary.

    mitigating damage


    Once we understand your situation and the hazards, we’ll be working to prevent further damage to your property and possessions.

    This may include steps like:

    • Removing standing water with pumps
    • Removing unsalvageable materials like carpet or drywall
    • Drying surfaces with air movers and dehumidifiers
    • Boarding up or tarping off exposed areas
    • Securing the site with perimeter fencing


    Special Care and Cleaning Services

    We also have a First Response Cleaning & Restoration Team. This group focuses on restoring the items inside the affected building. Our team will remove and inventory your possessions before beginning the restoration process.

    We specialize in restoring:

    • Pictures
    • Furniture
    • Clothing
    • Electronics
    • Other irreplaceable or sentimental items

    Rest assured, as the building is being restored, so are your belongings.

    restoring damage


    Once we’ve mitigated as much damage as possible, we’ll begin the process of restoration and reconstruction.

    If you had any fire or smoke damage, restoration will likely include:

    • Removing ash and scrubbing off soot 
    • Sanding and refinishing surfaces
    • Odor removal


    If you had water or flood damage, we’ll also include:

    • Applying sealants
    • Applying antimicrobials for mold and fungal remediation 
    • Replacing soaked materials like carpet or drywall



    The final step of restoration is reconstruction. Baxter Construction is a full-service contractor. We are equipped to handle your interior and exterior reconstruction needs like:

    • Kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas
    • Roof and siding repairs
    • Auxiliary structures like sheds, shops, and pumphouses

    4. Why Choose Baxter Construction?

    At Baxter Construction, we value client comfort and safety. Dealing with wind and storm damage can be stressful, especially if there are children or pets involved. That’s why we emphasize having high safety standards, clear communication, and accurate documentation throughout the process. We’ll do the job right without severely disrupting your daily life.

    We take pride in providing excellent service, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations. Our personnel are well accredited and often IICRC certified. We maintain a high level of professionality in our workplace with background checks and a drug-free environment. Our vehicles are properly branded and easily identifiable.

    Baxter Construction is a full-service restoration company with over 25 years in the Yakima Valley. Our team of experts is available 24/7 for any size wind or storm disaster. From the day you call, to the day you’re back home, Baxter can be there.

    5. First Response Team

    You can’t control the weather, but you can prevent future problems. When catastrophe strikes, call Baxter Construction. Our First Response Team is a group of reliable professionals, available 24/7 for your wind and storm damage needs. Let us help you protect and restore your property!

    Our team is committed to: 

    • 24/7 emergency availability
    • Responding within 30 minutes
    • On site presence within hours
    • Securing and tarping the structure
    • Packing, cleaning, and storing your belongings
    • Helping you maintain insurance documentation for your claim
    • Ensuring you receive excellent service