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Dear Keith, crew, Mark and Baxter family
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful job that the entire crew did on our house and deck.

It was a great learning opportunity for me from start to finish. We can now finally, really enjoy our deck and the view.

Even though it started with not being able to get paint (not your fault), to the wrong mixture of paint (again, not your fault) it ended up being one of the best home improvement decisions that we have ever made.

We appreciated you, Keith for taking the time to go through step by step with us how things would happen and always letting us know that if we had questions to feel free to call. We know that you took on a pretty big job but oh my what a success it was. Just so you know; your crew had great things to say about you and we do too.

So sorry that Covid came to visit you. We missed you towards the end – we hope you’ve fully recovered.

Please note and extend our thanks to the following:

Mark – special thanks to you my friend for saying “You should have us do the whole
thing”, we did, it’s done, and we are grateful. Thank you for being YOU!!

Ricardo 1 – (I call him that because he was the first Ricardo that I met) was so
conscientious about his work and took the time to answer my questions if and when I had them. I loved hearing about his family and his smile when talking about them made me smile too (hope that your new little one is thriving and bringing you joy). We had the most interesting time trying to fit the glass panels back in the light fixtures. He can add puzzle master to his construction skills.

Ricardo 2 – (I call him that because he was the second Ricardo that I had the pleasure of meeting) was so kind and informative in regards to letting me know what they were going to tackle for the day and what had been done at the end of the day. He also was extremely helpful in regards in how to keep our home in good condition and clued me in on ways that we might save some money and time.

Leo – oh my gosh, what can I say about LEO! Keith; you have a gem there. Leo was so very thorough on his every approach to our home and the job that he was doing. Never wavering in making sure that he was doing the best job possible. Always checking and re-checking to make sure that all was right. Never missed a detail! He truly is and was a gift!

Miguel – Poor Miguel, I’ve never seen anyone on their knees as much as him except for the last time that I was in church! Sanding and painting, sanding and painting all day long in the hot sun. Always a smile on his face even when he was walking up our steep driveway. I am betting that he gained some muscle mass and improved his breathing. He had a tedious job but he never wavered. He sanded that deck down until it was almost as smooth as you know, a baby’s behind. I’m pretty sure that he has a great future ahead of him in whatever life and career choices that he makes.
Trayvon – What a nice young man he is and what a great job he did pressure washing the house. I know that it was a lot of work and a pretty wet one at that. His hard work set the house/canvas up for the artists to do their work. Thank you to him for his time and great work. We didn’t get to see him much but we sure appreciated all that he did. Please tell him that.
Colton – The heavy lifter of the group! Poor guy carried all of that equipment up and down the hill and then we discovered that he could just go through the garage. Sooo sorry Colton! We will make note for the next time. I heard the guys say several times that Colton had the experience to make things happen when there were questions. Thank you for your experience and your strong back.

I think that about covers it Keith. I hope that you will pass this email along to the guys and whomever would find it helpful.

You have a super awesome crew and they have a super awesome project manager.
Thank you again for everything that you did. It was a pleasure doing business with you and a learning experience that we won’t soon forget.

Kindest Regards and Best Wishes
Connie and Randy Hecker,

Brice and Rachel; thank you so much for helping with our house needs. You made our space so much more safe. We are so very grateful for your support.

The Memorial Foundation,

Baxter’s crew was amazing, extremely helpful, and I will refer anyone needing work done here.

Marion Hendren,

Andy & Javier arrived on time, were respectful of our home, & did a great job coordinating with me when they arrived so I could put away my pets. They left their work area of our home very clean which I really appreciated with a small child & multiple pets. All the Baxter Staff that we have come in contact with have been very kind & polite. This flood event was stressful for us, but we really appreciated how well this process has been handled by all of you. Hank you for taking the stress (or some of it anyways) out of this process.

Whitney Finley,

Timely, fabulous, customer service, easy to work with, wonderful guides through the process.


Thank you ALL for a fine job.

John Comiskey,

We are writing to commend crew members of Baxter Construction who worked at our home recently. A leak emanating from an overhead humidifier in the attic caused considerable damage to our living and dining rooms. After consulting with our Pemco Insurance agent, we selected Baxter as the firm to repair the damages.

We found the wallboard applicators, painters, carpet layers, etc. to be high-quality craftsmen. Each was polite and hard-working, presenting well-honed sense of social interaction with us throughout the process. They were friendly, thorough and trustworthy. Since we were away from Yakima several times during the repairs, these qualities were reassuring, and we give all the craftsmen who worked at our home highest marks for their professionalism.
We want to single out two employees who represent Baxter’s commitment to excellence – Heath Sandall and Wes Brulotte – and here’s why. Heath takes your clients up to 20,000 feet and reviews the scope of the project on a global basis. He informs clients of the realities that will most likely affect their serenity; things like how long it will take to dry-out the damaged wall; what the flow of the project will entail and the timeline to expect; how long it might take for a replacement carpet to arrive, etc. Good stuff to know in advance. Thanks Heath!
Wes was the perfect foreman for our dilemma. He was incredibly organized, attentive to even the most intricate details and made the whole mess in our damaged home endurable. He has great people skills with clients – and with his fellow employees, as well. His facility to communicate the linear steps that Heath told us would unfold is a fine quality, and we appreciate the many, many times he checked-in with us to provide updates and information. Thanks Wes!
Please feel free to share these comments with other prospective clients, and if it helps we would be happy to open our home to show how expertly our home was restored.

John and Monica Colgan,

I just want to send you a note to tell you how pleased I am with my bathroom remodel job. From the first person I contacted by phone, to the last guys that finished up the project, everyone was very professional and helpful. I was so pleased that everyone was so conscientious and at the end of the work day, everything was cleaned up as good as possible during construction. I really appreciated Craig Schultz who came out every day and let me know what to expect and who would be there to do the work. Special thanks to Kaleb, Regan, your plumbers and electricians and Julio.

I will definitely recommend your company to others and will call you again if I need other projects completed in the future. Thank you so much.

Robbi Wilson,

June and I would like to let you know how much you, and your company have done for all of us after our house fire. Back in 1980, we had a fire in a house, and found ourselves in a battle with the insurance company. It was the worst experience a person could ever have.

Once again on July 24th, 2015, while out of town, we received a call that our house had caught fire. We returned home to find the second story had burned, and the main floors had smoke and water damage. After contacting the insurance company and informing them that we preferred your company to rebuild our house, we were contacted by Heath Sandall who was there on every step of the job. This house was built in 1898 to 1900 so there were many things June and I would not have, when we found out we were underinsured  for rebuilding a historic house. But, Heath’s knowledge of the home building industry, and experience in working with insurance companies was what got our house rebuilt to the condition it is in today. June and I are so happy with the way the house is today, and the quality of the workmanship of your employees is what made it happen. June and I would go through the house every day and come up with ideas and then change our minds on colors and finishes, but your employees would do whatever we decided. They were always pleasant and did what was needed to make June and myself very happy.

Over the next ten-moth period it took to rebuild we had a couple of problems, and a few things I wasn’t happy with. But just a call to Heath or Tracy was all that was needed to fix it. There was work that Ryan and Josh did on the finish work that turned out better than we could have ever hoped for. All of your employees had a great attitude, and greeted June & I each day. From Ryan asking how I was feeling, to Miguel telling us goodnight. The only regret that June and I have is that we had so many things going on in our lives this year that we never had the time we wanted to have your family and employees that worked on the house over for a barbecue, to thank each one of you for a job well done.

Thank you again.

Alan and June Strader,

As another builder here in the Yakima Valley, when I returned from vacation the day before Thanksgiving, I had a very untimely water leak from a faulty plumbing valve. Hoping that something could be done, Brice and crew were out to my home within 45 minutes of my call. Tyler Baxter was fantastic, and was very helpful in getting my mess cleaned up. All in all the Baxter’s operate with the highest level of integrity and honesty and I would recommend them to anyone!