Baxter Construction continues to set the standard for compassion and care while helping protect your business and your employees during the COVID-19 crisis.


We have been at the forefront of cleaning facilities and vehicles for our local public servants, and are also on hand to help you. Baxter follows industry best practices and the highest standards in responding to biological hazards like COVID-19 and others with highly effect disinfectants and advanced pre-emptive or reactive cleaning techniques.

COVID Specific Services

Low Volume Fogging

Pre-emptive cleaning walls, floors, and other horizontal surfaces. Great for ongoing maintenance.

Fogging & Horizontal Surface Clean

Includes fogging plus extra cleaning for high-touch surfaces like door handles, rails, phones, drawers, desktops, etc.

Fogging & All Surface Clean

A complete, all surfaces clean that is the industry standard when a COVID-19 case has been confirmed in a space.