Oh RATS! How to prevent water leaks in your home.

On a nice Saturday morning, all you want to do is wake up, get some coffee, and maybe take a nice walk around the block. However, most people do not understand the joy of walking down into your kitchen to find water raining down from the ceiling! Was there a frozen pipe that broke? Maybe a faulty plumbing job from that guy that said he would run all of your pipes for a hamburger and a soda? Nope! It’s a rat!

You may not expect it, but many water leaks in the Yakima Valley are caused by rats or other rodents chewing holes in pipes. When these pipes get ruptured, even a small pin hole can let a large amount of water pass through and cause unseen damage for a long time. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, homeowners do not even notice the leak until there are visible signs of damage, and by that time there can already be secondary damage like mold growth. The only way to treat this damage is to get rid of affected material, sanitize and dry the area.

As a homeowner, the best way to avoid this issue is to make sure that all holes or possible entrances from the outside of your home are locked up tight, as well as just keeping the area around your house cleared of debris.