Mold Damage in the Home | The Not so “Fun Gi”


One of the greatest dividers of picky eaters and food connoisseurs. The choice of whether or not to use them can be the difference between the best burger in the world or one of the most medium liked kinds of food across the board. Some people like them on pizza, and others detest it. “The texture is the WORST part”, “The texture is the BEST Part”. While this discussion may not be resolved in our lifetime, there is one statement that we can all agree on. Mushrooms do not belong in your carpet.

As silly as it sounds, it is not as uncommon as you may think. Mushrooms are a sign of high humidity or even water leaks in your home. They might just be the reason you find the reason why your water bill was too high, or why that stuffy nose just will not go away. Mushroom growth is also a sign of potential bacteria or mold growth in the immediate area. Mushrooms enjoy dark, damp, low traffic areas, so how do you combat it?

When dealing with mushrooms, mold, or any other kind of bacteria growth, it is vital that you stop the spread by: removing and/or sanitizing all affected materials, making sure all salvaged material is dry, and stopping the cause by fixing the leak, adding ventilation, or whatever else is necessary to prevent more damage. The best way to fix a mold issue is to have a professional remove it properly.